Terms and Conditions

E-Payment's terms and conditions:

E-payment service’s user acknowledges the following:

  • All registered information is correct and complete.
  • Using an authorized credit card under his personal liability.
  • Agreeing that NPPA can divulge E-payment’s information and data to The Central Bank, banks supervised by it and authorized companies to proceed with the payment.
  • NPPA has the right to stop E-payment process in case of manipulating the payment process.
  • His acknowledgment that it is not permissible to publish or share any E-payment’s forms obtained from the website as these forms are personal and shall not be multiple used or published or shared.
  • His civil and criminal liability, if it is necessary , including compensation in case of entering incorrect data, using unauthorized credit card, being suspicious fraudulent or his wrongful use resulted in any direct or indirect losses or damages.

Last Updated on October 13, 2020