What is the role of the other nuclear entities that are affiliated to the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy in the nuclear project?

– Due to their long experience, the other three nuclear entities possess, they form the institutional infrastructure for the Egyptian program for peaceful uses of nuclear power .These are:
The Atomic Energy Authority is a research body with a cumulative experience of more than sixty years in all types of nuclear technology. It possesses long experience in operating two research reactors and plays an effective role through participation of its experts in handling of radioactive wastes, training and qualifying human resources.
The Nuclear Materials Authority is also a research body, which performs its assignments in the exploration and mining activities of nuclear power plants fuel ore inside Egypt as one of the sources to secure the supply of nuclear fuel for the El-Dabaa plant.
The Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority performs all its regulatory and organizational assignments relating to nuclear safety and security and all that ensures protection of individuals, property and the environment against hazards of radiation exposure. In order to achieve this, it is granted all necessary powers in accordance with the law on its establishment. It is the body, entitled to grant, suspend or revoke all types of authorizations beginning with Site Permit, construction permit, pre-operational tests permit, fuel loading permit, operating license and its renewal, as well as decommissioning licenses.