What is the plan for NPPA development?

-We plan to develop the NPPA at three levels which are legislative, financial and provision of suitable workplace.
The legal development process started with the promulgation of Law No. 210 of 2017 that granted the Authority NPPA a special statute, which helped to do work in an easier and more dynamic way.
As for the financial one, it can be summarized as providing the NPPA workers with financial stability and support, commensurate with the state’s capabilities, that will limit the migration/drainage of well-trained personnel, especially in the context of initiation of nuclear programs in many other states which attract qualified personnel.
The third level is to provide a suitable work environment, through the setting up of a regional training center for Egyptians, Arabs and Africans and provision of the needed special administrative buildings and utilities to ensure security of the personnel and equipment, as well as an easy exchange of information through secured communication means and nets.