Have we started qualifying Egyptian personnel that will manage the plant? What are their qualifications and number?

The NPPA exerts a great effort to qualify human resources. We take advantage of the grants, training courses that the IAEA and the Arabic Atomic Energy Authority hold inside or outside Egypt. We also benefit from activating bilateral cooperation agreements with countries, such as South Korea, from which 12 persons have got their Master’s degrees in nuclear reactors, in addition to other 15 trainees who attended training courses on the management of the infrastructure of nuclear plants projects.
Within the cooperation with Japan and the Russian Federation, three groups of trainees were sent to the Russian Federation, each of 15 persons, to be trained on nuclear technology, the management of nuclear fuel and spent fuel. In addition, we have programs with our consultant Worley and internal training at the NPPA.
The number of personnel working on the project is dynamically changing, it depends on the project phase. The NPPA works on continuously supporting its cadres through the announcements made to meet the requirements of this phase and preparing for the next phases.
The NPPA has announced its need to hire 234 technicians and engineers in nuclear reactor related positions. This number will increase with the commencement of construction works and the development of the project phases.
These positions were announced in two stages, the first for 152 and the second for 82 positions. We are about to complete the tests within this first announcement. f Both fluent English and proficiency in computer skills are a pre-requisite, and the applicants are tested for this. The last test is the face-to-face interview.
And we have published two recruitment announcements on September 2019.