Is there retreating to use nuclear energy worldwide?

Opponents of nuclear energy claim that countries around the world are turning away from using nuclear energy and Egypt by choosing it, is going in the opposite direction. According to international statistics there are 433 working reactors in 31 countries and 55 reactor under construction in 14 countries among them 37 in China ,11 in Russia ,6 India ,5 south Korea, and in Ukraine and Japan (where Chernobyl and Fukushima accident took place ) by the year 2011.

IAEA & WNA report that most countries affirmed on the necessity of nuclear energy and the lessons learned from accidents must be studied and safety of the existing plants should be reviewed.

Countries after Fukushima could be classified into the following group:-

Countries decided to go ahead on its current and future plans to establish nuclear plants and review its existing plants under the nuclear safety standards also keep on plants under construction (U.S.A, France, Russia, South Korea, Argentina, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bella Russia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and the Netherlands).

Countries decided to continue their plans to construct their first nuclear plants and taking into consideration the design modification after lessons learned from Fukushima accident (Jordan, U.A.E, Poland, Turkey and Vietnam).

Countries suspended approval of new nuclear plants but keeping its nuclear program for operational and under construction plants (Ukraine, Brazil, China Finland, Malaysia, UK, India and Japan).

Countries froze or postponed its nuclear program after the accident waiting for lessons learned (Indonesia, Italy, Thailand and Switzerland).

As for Germany and Belgium they took the decision years ago phase out new nuclear plants because of anti- nuclear parties (Green Parties).