Is it impossible that nuclear plants operate safely?

Opponents of nuclear energy claimed that but actually it is not true as nuclear safety is applied in many in stages including site selection, design, construction, and operation. This is accompanied with right management and operation of the nuclear plant to achieve a high level of safety. All these stages are subjected to strict regulatory standards and also the highest standards of quality, and demonstrations provided by the license applicant to the competent authorities.

The history of nuclear plants operating, exceeds half a century, confirmed that, as any industry, may be exposed to malfunctions or accidents but it remains the safest technology that is not comparable with any other industry or energy resource ; for example accident victims in power plants in the OECD countries during the past 50 years were 2259 in coal plants ,1043 in natural gas plants 14 in water plants and zero in nuclear plants as for other countries of the world victims were 18000 in coal plants 1000 in natural gas plants 30000 in water plants and 31 in nuclear plants (Chernobyl).