Should we worry of radiological hazards of nuclear plants?

Our bodies are daily exposed to radiation from natural resources as cosmic rays, soil, food, water and air and also from artificial resources as radiotherapy, travelling by planes, watching TV, neon light and finally nuclear plants. Fake scientists claim that radiation is harmful at any level and even low radiation exposure effects on human health and causes cancer and birth defect. For example the absorbed annual radiation dose by a resident next to the borders of an operating nuclear plant doesn’t exceed half of radiation dose absorbed due to one – time examination of his teeth and the maximum annual dose received from working nuclear plant is 5 mrem (unit of measuring  radiation effect) which is 2% less than the total annual dose that individual’s exposed annually from natural and artificial resources and thus that claim is only to spread panic among people by fabricating baseless scenarios.

It should be known that all activates resulting from using ionizing radiation are subjected to strict regulatory standards aimed at protecting individuals and environment from harmful effects of radiation.