A visit by the Minister of Electricity and Energy, the Board Chairman of Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA), and a high-level Russian delegation to El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant Construction site


A visit by the Minister of Electricity and Energy, the Board Chairman of Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA), and a high-level Russian delegation to El Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant Construction site

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shaker – Minister of Electricity and Energy –has visited El Dabaa NPP construction site, accompanied by a delegation of the leaders of the Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA) headed by Dr. Amged Al-Wakeel – the Board Chairman of NPPA and representatives of the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, headed by Major General Yahya Ahmed Suleiman, Dr. Sami Shaaban, Board Chairman of Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority, Dr. Amr Basilah, Assistant Minister of Education, and a high-ranking Russian delegation from the state-owned Rosatom Company, headed by Dr. Alexander Lokshin, President of ASE JSC EC & First Deputy Director General for Operations Management at ROSATOM.

Dr. Mohamed Shaker – Minister of Electricity and Energy – stated that El Dabaa nuclear power plant project is one of the milestones in the Egyptian-Russian relations, and it is undoubtedly one of the most important cooperation projects between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Russian Federation, and elevates these relations to new strategic horizon. It was important to choose the right partner with cumulative experience in the nuclear power field with the highest safety standards available in Russia, represented by Rosatom. There is no doubt – that El Dabaa project is similar in its importance to the project of the hydraulic high dam in Aswan, which was constructed in the 1960s between Egypt and the Soviet Union. El Dabaa nuclear power plant project will also be a destination for technical competencies and expertise from the two countries, in addition to achieving economic and social growth for Egypt throughout generating clean and economical energy for decades.

For his part, Dr. Amged El-Wakeel, the Board Chairman NPPA, extended his greetings to the project leaders from the Russian party, expressing that this project is one of the most ambitious Egyptian projects under implementation, to realize an Egyptian dream for peaceful use of nuclear energyto generate electricity in an economical and safe manner. The continuous supervision and constructive partnership between the Egyptian and Russian partieswill certainly lead to significant results, and consequently the success of the implementation of this huge project.

The Minister and the delegation accompanying His Excellency went to the construction site of the Docking facility, which is being constructed and is planned to be used in transporting heavy equipment to the plant. The delegation also visited the construction site for the nuclear units, where they were updated about the construction status and future progress of the project.

Afterwards the delegation visited the accommodations area for the Russian experts, where one of the temporary housing units was visited as a model, as well as the sports center, the school, and the nursery within the service buildings to provide the necessary accommodation for Russian experts and project staff.

The Minister and the Board Chairman NPPA and the accompanying delegation praised the role of the Engineering Authority for the Armed Forces in the implementation of the accommodation facilities, as well as the work progress at the docking facility.
Dr. Alexander Lokchin expressed the extent of effective cooperation between the Egyptian and Russian parties who are working as one team. We at Rosatom are very proud to be contracted to construct the first nuclear power plant in Egypt. We realize our, and we are ready to do all our efforts to successfully complete this project. I am confident that we will be able to fulfill the “Egyptian nuclear dream” thanks to the coordinated work of our teams.

The activities were concluded by a visit to El Dabaa Advanced Technical School for Nuclear Applications. Dr. Amr Basilah, Assistant Minister of Education, welcome the delegation. The students greeted the delegation in Arabic, English and Russian. The Minister and the accompanying delegation visited the classrooms, which gave a boost to the students. Dr. Amged Al-Wakeel and Dr. Lochin wrote a word in the school register. El Dabaa Technical School is one of the most important attributes for the human cadres for El Dabaa nuclear plant operation, and one of the good practices that contribute to strengthening the societal acceptance of the project, which was praised by the International Atomic Energy Agency during its Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) mission of assessing the infrastructure of the Arab Republic of Egypt. There is advancement and development of the school’s learning process, with the aim of graduating a qualified human resources for the labor market, in order to achieve further progress and advancement for our beloved Egypt.


El Dabaa nuclear power plant:

El Dabaa nuclear power plant is the first NPP in Egypt at El Dabaa Site, is located along the Northern West Coast of Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea, Matrouh Governorate.

The El-Dabaa NPP Project envisages construction of four units with pressurized water reactors of 1200 MWe power each using the Russian VVER-1200 (AES-2006) design and belongs to the latest Generation 3 + nuclear reactors. This reactor type proved its success operation in Russia and Belarus.

The project is being implemented according to group of contracts entered into force on 11 Dec. 2017. According to contractual obligation, role of Russian party will not be limited to NPP construction, but also for nuclear fuel supply during the NPP lifetime. Russian part will also prepare training programmes for Egyptian human resources as well as operation support and maintenance for the NPP in its first ten years of operation. Moreover, Russian party will construct facility for nuclear spent fuel storage.

Last Updated on April 9, 2021