What the safety precautions that are available for the plant?


The technology utilized in El-Dabaa nuclear power plant belongs to the advanced third generation reactors, which is the best now. It is characterized by the highest nuclear safety levels, and applies defense-in- depth philosophy, which is based on the existence of many physical barriers to prevent release of radioactive materials to the environment, as well as passive safety systems, which do not need power source to be actuated.
The reactor could withstand commercial aircrafts crash weighing up to 400 tons (that is Boeing-747), 14-meter high tsunami waves, earthquakes up to PGA of 0.3 g and tornadoes.
The Russian design reactor is characterized with the provision of a core catcher that will absorb and contain inside all melted core and thus prevent leakage of highly radioactive materials to the environment in case of severe accidents with core melting.
All these safety measures relieve the fears of radioactive leakage or occurrence of nuclear accidents as the one in Chernobyl.