What is the work schedule for El Dabaa NPP implementation?


Since the project was launched in December 2017, with the support of the political leadership in Egypt and Russia, the NPPA spares no efforts to comply with its obligations under the respective project stages. Since then, we have signed contracts and started actual construction operations. The residential areas for the Egyptian and foreign staff of the project are under construction now.
The project is implemented in three stages:
First stage: This is the preliminary phase, currently underway, which extends for two and a half years and includes obtaining of permits and licenses, completing infrastructure works, preparations of supplies and equipment necessary to commence construction works, holding technical meetings between Egyptian and Russian parties, exchange of technical documents in compliance with the contractual obligations related to the schedule, following up on the procedures for obtaining licensing, security approvals for experts, equipment and tools necessary for engineering survey works, developing a full fingerprint of the site and seabed pictures of the overlooking area and seismic measurements.
Second stage: This is the construction stage extending for five and a half years, which starts with obtaining the Construction Permit. It comprises all activities related to construction, installations, training and preparations to commence operational tests.
Third stage: It is the tests stage, which starts with obtaining the permit for carrying out pre-operational tests and lasts until the provisional handover of the unit and obtaining the operation license. Its duration is about one year. The dates of entering operation are December 2026 for the first unit, June 2027 for the second unit, June 2028 for the third unit and December 2028 for the fourth one.