What is the NPPA’s plan in respect of the nuclear power program?


In 2014, we started communicating with international nuclear technology vendors, such as the Korean company KEPCO, the Chinese company CNNC, Russian company Rosatom, the French company Areva and the American company Westinghouse. Three of the companies positively responded to us, and after carefully considering their offers, we choose the one that fits best our financial and technical aspects. This was the Russian offer.
We started the negotiations with the Russians, and in February 2015 a “Project Development” agreement was signed , then two other agreements were concluded – one for project financing and the other one is a framework agreement for inter-government cooperation in the peaceful nuclear applications, signed in November 2015.
After the start of negotiations at the end of 2015, it was decided to conclude four agreements, which include: the main contract for construction of the nuclear power plant; the nuclear fuel supply contract, ; the operation and maintenance support contract; and the spent fuel contract, which, which were all activated on 11th December, 2017.