What are the future demand of electricity in Egypt? what are the available resources?


The five –year plan of Ministry of Electricity aims at adding about 11400 Megawatt by 2027 with an average annual increase of about 2000 Megawatt considering load increase in order to achieve that MOE set a strategy based on 3 methods: Rationalization of electricity consumption, Rationalization of electricity production and diversification of production resources. This strategy aims at increasing the ratio of electricity generated from renewable energy to be 20% of the total generated electricity in Egypt by 2022 and to be 42% by the year 2035, it also aims at building wind farms by the fund of the private sector to reach 7200 Megawatt as a total capacity by 2022.

Available electrical energy sources to cover future demand are fossil energy (natural gas, petroleum and coal) and new and renewable energy (water fall, solar, wind energy, biomass energy and geothermal and other resources   under research) and nuclear energy.