What about local participation in El-Dabaa project?


We have agreed with the Russian party on a local participation ratio of 20% in the first unit that increases gradually to reach 35% in the fourth unit.
To achieve this, a minimized national committee to overcome difficulties was formed, comprising ministries of Electricity, Military Production, Petroleum, Arab Organization for Industrialization to develop a strategy for technology localization, aiming at overcoming difficulties and obstacles that the national companies and subcontractors that will potentially be involved in the project implementation might face.
Also, the NPPA in cooperation with the Russian Contractor have organized a seminar on 1st of July 2017 where more than 150 Egyptian company were invited. In addition,  NPPA website was initiated to facilitate registration for companies willing to participate in the project, by registration and submitting their portfolios, including past experiences and projects. A committee made of the NPPA and Russian party representatives was set up to assess the potential of the Egyptian companies.
Also, a second seminar has been organized in title “Nuclear Industry Suppliers Forum” on 25th of November 2018, and a third one on 8th October 2019.